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In Remembrance of Those Who Have Served …

911 - 2014 Flags 1As we celebrate Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have sacrificed and given their lives for our country and our citizens, and especially for our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy. We honor our fallen heroes on this day who have fought many battles to keep our country safe from threats of terror.

Honoring Our Heroes

Soldiers Holding Flag We would like to acknowledge all those who serve us by sacrificing to keep our country safe! Your efforts are truly appreciated and we thank you!!!!

A Grateful Shout Out To Our Heroes

Costa - Soldiers' Food Line Let Us not forget our Heroes who are out on the front lines daily to keep our citizens and country safe as we approach the holiday season!! We give you all a big heartfelt THANK YOU as you protect us and keep us safe, and we appreciate the sacrifices you are making for all of us!

The Hero Rescue Funds Attends Reception For LA’s New Fire Chief, Ralph M Terrazas

Fire Dept Chief, Captains, Larry & Karen
On September 17, 2014, the LA City Fire Department Foundation hosted a very intimate reception to meet & greet the new LA City Fire Chief, Ralph M Terrazas, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City. Great ambiance and a lot of new ideas to bringing awareness to the immediate needs for “Saving Lives & Properties” in the City of LA. Look for new PSA’s coming soon!!!!

We Will Never Forget This Day …..

911 Flags & Towers 2014

Hero Rescue Fund PSA

Watch our new Hero Rescue Fund PSA now showing!!

9/11 Memorial

Let us remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice … the innocent lives that were lost, our brave firemen, policemen, first responders, and all the citizens who worked hard to save lives, and we also remember those who lost their lives while saving others, and all the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this unnecessary tragedy … You Take My Breath Away…

Thanks To Our Heroic Firefighters!!

The Hero Rescue Fund wants to give a shout out to our heroic firefighters across the nation during this firefighting season and show our appreciation for the hard work they do to save lives, homes and the environment. Always being the first responders, they rescue people and animals from dangerous accidents and situations. The Hero Rescue Fund recently met with the LA Fire Department Foundation. We are excited to partner with them on strengthening the preparedness and responsiveness of their rescue teams, focusing on safety.

Memorial Day

We pause to celebrate and honor those who have and are currently serving. Memorial Day is the special day to honor our troops and veterans for their service and sacrifice.
Let us also honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice – their own life and death – to preserve our freedoms, in the service of God, family, and country.
Let us receive this gift – our freedoms – with most grateful hearts, and return our deepest thanks, by taking time to make a Memorial Day observance.
These men and women make us all proud.

1st Marines Division 73rd Anniversary

The 1st Marine Division of Camp Pendleton is celebrating their 73rd Anniversary this year. The Hero Rescue Fund was invited to join the tour to see the display of some their artillery and equipment, technology at its finest, owned by the USA, that was used in current active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. On hand were some state of the art humvees, complete with artillery and weapons. There were the eyes in the sky, unmanned flying objects, also known as drones on display. Congratulations to the 1st Marine Division and thank you for your service and keeping our country and its citizens safe! Ooorah!